Upcoming Webinars

SGNA is pleased to offer webinars throughout the year to review topics of interest to the specialty. These webinars allow participants a deeper understanding of the topics and offer a great opportunity to get contact hours in your very own home! More information coming soon!

Thanks to those who participated in SGNA's 2021 offerings! As a reminder, all previous webinar content is available through SGNA's eLearning Center. Please visit SGNA's eLearning Center for all of our recorded webinar offerings as well as to view the catalog of online learning opportunities.

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June 20, 2022
Susan Neustrom, Ed.D.
Awaken: How to Motivate the UnmotivatedRegister Now!

Please visit SGNA's eLearning Center for all of our recorded webinar offerings as well as to view the catalog of online learning opportunities.

Recent Webinars

January 18, 2022Victoria Dorsano presents "Suspicious or Safe: Supplements 101" on behalf of SGNA

February 16, 2022Kumkum Sarkar Patel, MD MPH presents "Constipation and Dyssynergic Defecation" on behalf of SGNA

April 6, 2022Bette Lawrence-Water, MS CPC presents "Happiness in the Workplace" on behalf of SGNA

April 26, 2022Martin Carr, MD presents "The Gut Microbiome's Roles in Health and Disease" on behalf of SGNA

May 2, 2022J. Hudson Garrett Jr. Ph.D., MSN, MPH, MBA, FNP-BC, IP-BC, PLNC, CFER, AS-BC, VA-BC, BC-MSLcert™, NCEE, NREMT, MSL-BC, DICO-C, TR-C, CPPS, CCHR-S, CPHQ, CVAHP, CPXP, FACDONA, FAAPM, FNAP, FSHEA, FIDSA presents "Making Sense of the New FDA Safety Alerts for Reusable Flexible Endoscopes: Stop the Madness" on behalf of SGNA

May 19, 2022: Kevin Ghassemi, MD presents "Esophageal Manometry' on behalf of SGNA